Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Social Media - Personal Branding

Growing up in a generation of new technology has proven to be very fulfilling. It has lead me to discover my dream job, a Political Outreach Manager, employed by Facebook. Which wasn't even in existence ten years ago. It's kept me connected with my family and friends. And let me discover new and exciting things. I have access to just about anything I can imagine. Along with every other Millennial in the world. But have Millennial's become too narcissistic?

We post photos onto Facebook and Instagram. We keep others up-to-date on our everyday lives through Twitter. We have our resumes at the tips of our fingers on LinkedIn. We embellish our own lives to keep up with others social media lives. I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but my life is not as perfect as it seems on social media. So why is there this element of keeping up with the Jones's via social media? The Millennial's have turned ourselves into personal brands turning friends, followers and likes into scales.

We are addicted to it. How many times do I get bored in a class and happen to find myself on Facebook? Sometimes I even feel phantom phone vibrations in my pocket. We are obsessed with staying on top of everyone's lives (and having our own being just a little bit better). But I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing.

Millennial have adapted to technology and the ever changing times. How else would you expect me to act with all of these new and exciting ways to share a piece of myself with others? And it has proven to be a great resource! I have been able to market myself in a way that was never possible before social media. Potential employees can search me on any of the popular social media sites and get a better understanding of who I am (Or what I tell others I am).

Millennial's are embracing the circumstances in which we find ourselves in.

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