Friday, February 14, 2014


A social media platform that allows you to send someone a picture for a limited amount of time... no wonder it's popular. More and more users are embracing Snapchat. But what can marketers do to make use of this new technology?

1) Mobile Coupons. Why not send your followers coupons and offerings through Snapchat? This would engage more users on the social platform and generate more brand awareness.

2) Exclusivity. With Snapchat being a personal social media platform, customers would feel more exclusive. By giving customers a behind to scenes look into your brand, customers will feel like they a apart of the organization.

3) Preview a Product. By showing exclusive products and ideas to your Snapchat followers, you will generate more brand loyalty. This definitely falls within exclusivity, but it is a perfect way to reach customers, gain their attention and create buzz about a new product.

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